We’re so happy you clicked on this post because we love nerding out about how the LÜMI works. It’s so nifty and takes us all the way through the science of light energy, atomic orbitals, and a bunch of nerdy sh*t. We’re in awe of the people who originally learned enough about the crystal structure of the photoluminescent microcrystals we use to create such a brilliant, long lasting way to capture and store light. We think of the LÜMI as a little light storage machine!

We’ll start with the basics and go from there! There may or may not be a special surprise hidden deep within this article, for those who are curious enough to find it :D

TLDR: the magic glow of the LÜMI is based on some extremely nifty materials science which enables the material to capture the energy of light and slowly release it over a length of time. This is what creates the long extended glow, and is what enables the LÜMI to be recharged over and over again.

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