Silicone and a proprietary blend of industrial strength photoluminescent microcrystals (aka the things that make the LÜMI glow in the dark).

The LÜMI is based on the really neat science of solid-state photoluminescence, or simply, materials that glow-in-the-dark. These materials are able to absorb the energy of light and slowly release it over time. The photoluminescent microcrystals we use are incredibly good at what they do - these are not the glow in the dark stars you used as a kid!

LÜMI’s are made from biologically non-reactive materials - they are non-toxic and biologically & chemically inert (ie. will not react in strange ways with your body or the environment). That does not mean you can eat them! Yes, we have been asked.

LÜMI’s are made from silicone, which is a flexible material made from silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogens! We love silicone because it has absolutely wonderful properties (flexible, incredibly durable, can withstand a huge range of temperatures, water-resistant, low porosity, recyclable) and does not have the ‘leaching toxic chemicals’ issue that plastic has. However, in some definitions, silicone is considered plastic, to learn more click here.

We currently offer LÜMIs in green, aqua, and blue, because those colours simply glow the brightest and longest. We wanted to make sure that as we are getting started everyone is getting a pretty similar and awesome experience with the LÜMIs. That said, there are other colours available! If we get enough requests to warrant trialing a different colour we may do a trial batch!

A broad spectrum of light including UV light works the absolute best - so go outside on a sunny day if possible! If not, a bright lightbulb is the next best thing. Your cellphone flashlight will even work in a pinch! Place the LÜMI in the light and for a super long glow, make sure to charge for at least 10 minutes. More detailed instructions here.

Either it has not been charged, or there is too much competing light for you to see the glow. We recommend placing the LÜMI near a bright light or in the sun to fully charge it (instructions here), then turning the lights off or placing in a well-shaded area to see the glow, and if you’re still having no luck, make sure to give your eyes a few minutes to adjust. If your LÜMI is truly not glowing at all please take a look at our refund policy and get in touch!

We have started with three sample sizes - if we get calls to make different sizes then we can start making them! Please get in touch to request a different size.

Yes and no! There are more colours we could offer - they just don’t glow as well as the three main colours. With this caveat in place, we would absolutely love to offer the whole rainbow and different colours for special events. If there is a colour you absolutely need - just ask! We can do a lot if you meet the minimum order requirements!

We are working towards getting our product fully tested and certified so we can share validated third-party performance data. For now, we can share with you our observations, that the LÜMIs work as expected from environmental temperatures ranging from -20°C to 35°C. We expect they will work just as well at higher and lower temperatures - this is just what the highest temperature it’s been locally, and about the lowest temperature in our freezer.

We hate to say it, but that is one of the downsides of photoluminescence. Worst case scenario: you are stuck in a cave, your lights go out, and you need some glow to mark where you’ve been. The LÜMI will glow for about 12 hours, then will fade until its able to be recharged. Its amazing that it can be recharged over and over, but in a situation where there is no additional light, there is no way to make it glow again. This limitation is one of the reasons we are also involved in developing a completely compostable and non-toxic glow stick powered with bioluminescence (here) for situations where the LÜMI just isn’t the best fit. The Light Wand is able to be activated with water - no light needed! This product is still undergoing heavy R&D, and is available in small batches!

We will soon be launching rolls of the LÜMI material as well as new prototypes and test runs for early testing & feedback from excited & creative people like you! Keep an eye out in our store for these options and make sure to subscribe to our mailing list - they will likely start out being available for a limited time, then if they do well we will consider carrying them full time.

We offer custom engraving packages for bulk orders of LÜMIs! Fill out the form and we will get back to you with more information. We may also offer custom engraving for smaller orders for a service fee if we get enough requests, so make sure to ask if that is something you are interested in!

We’re glad you asked! We’re developing our plan at the moment - if you have an idea please go ahead and get in touch. We absolutely love seeing the creative things people do with glow! We are looking for brand partners, influencers, community leaders, artists, and more. If you think we’d jive get in touch! If you’re still reading this you should probably just go ahead and click that link :)

Yay! We have a specific event form we’d like you to fill out with some basic information - that way we can get going right away on a package that would work best for you. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

If you paid using Paypal, you will receive an email confirmation once we have processed your order. As we are currently shipping out early 2021, you can expect a confirmation mid January!
If you paid using regular credit then please get in touch with our customer support here!