✨ Mount Washington x LÜMI Event ✨



On New Year’s Eve, Mount Washington Alpine Resort hosted the LÜMI New Year’s Eve Night Sky Glow Up event. It was a fun night of slopes, good tunes, and flowing hot chocolate attended by over 150 people! We are thrilled with how the event went, and we’re so thankful to Mount Washington for partnering with us to light up the New Year’s Eve sky🎆.

We want to make sure that we’re always putting on amazing events, and showcasing the best LÜMI has to offer. Our LÜMI product lead, Brianna LePiane, sat down with Sydney Thieneman, Events Coordinator at Mount Washington Alpine Resort to get her thoughts about the Night Sky Glow Up. We asked her what she loved, and how we can improve to host even better LÜMI events in the future🌈 .

Interviewer: Brianna LePiane, LÜMI Product Lead at Nyoka Design Labs
Interviewee: Sydney Thieneman, Events Coordinator at Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Q: What was the vision for the event🏂? (before the new COVID restrictions

came into place)
A: ⛷️Our vision was big and all things circular: doughnuts, tubes, and glow bracelets. We were hoping for a jam packed night, with lights shining, music blaring, a dance zone, and glowing blue and green excitement. One of our lift operators has always dreamed of a neon tube park party.

Q: What are Mount Washington’s corporate values?

A: Passion: We are passionate about our guests’ experience, the natural environment, and our product.
Accountability: We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for all that we do.
Integrity: Our actions are motivated by respect and honesty.
Work Ethic: We take pride in working to achieve excellence.
Teamwork: We believe in the importance of communicating well and working together.
Fun: We create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for staff and guests.

Q: What was the motivation behind seeking out a glow stick alternative?
A: Mount Washington launched an EcoValues sustainability program in 2018, and along with each member of our millennial/gen z marketing team, we're working towards being more sustainable, reducing emissions and creating less waste in our events and everyday resort practices. When we initially began planning our event and looked at the cheap bulk glow sticks, we saw those little plastic connector pieces and imagined the chaos of potentially thousands of them littering the snow, the clean up required afterward, and the toxicity of the inner neon goop seeping on to snow gear. I think the younger generations especially are growing up hearing how much work we need to do to save our planet, and it was a bit of a no brainer to try and see if we could find some sort of reusable glow.

Q: What were the motivating factors to go with LÜMI?

A: Sustainability🌎 is part of our corporate values, and we were excited to support a local company. It was also the only of its kind!

Q: How were LÜMIs used at the event?
A: LÜMI were part of our night skiing🎿 glow up package, which included a hot chocolate and a doughnuts🍩. Our lift staff and patrollers were also wearing the glow rope.







Q: This year was a challenge as COVID continues to change the landscape of gatherings. Examples include no dancing allowed, staffing challenges and restrictions on gathering size. Can you share more about how you hope this event will go once restrictions ease?
A: If Covid still kicking around, there will probably have to be another night skiing event⛄, but we could start a ski down with everyone in their LÜMIs. Ideally combo with indoor black light exclusive party component to really get the full effect of LÜMI. The event could have benefited if LÜMI and Mount Washington were able to meet up earlier beforehand to create a collaborative video, but Covid alas made things difficult this year.

Q: How did LÜMI workout? Did they meet expectations?
A: LÜMI glow sticks prevented little plastic connectors from being littered all over the mountain! Some people were confused because it was night-time and not shining extensively, but they were standing right under our large bright lights outside…. So we would remind them they should go where it’s dark, as it “glows-in-the-dark,” not so much standing under direct light! But mine are still glowing on my nightstand, even though they haven’t sat under any sun - Just innate glow! Three weeks after the event it’s pretty glowy.

Q: Would you use LÜMI at other events? 

A: Yes! We have a Friday night event called “Rail Jam'' throughout the winter🗓️ . We don’t do too many late night events in the summertime, but if we did a music festival, they could be used as the entry bracelets, as well as using them for giveaway prizes.

We learned a lot from the Mount Washington Night Sky Glow Up event, and we are proud to have been a part of it. Sydney provided some great feedback and we look forward to improving the user experience around LÜMIs at future events. At future events, we look forward to having our own personal tent because we LOVE meeting our customers, and seeing all the unique ways you use your LÜMI. With more opportunities for festivals and concerts coming up, we can’t wait to partner with other venues to provide sustainable, eco-friendly glow for all your adventures.

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Photographer: Griffin Lindquist from Otagai Designs